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Next Kids' Nite out!
 2nd Friday Starting in 2019

7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

$15.00 per child  
pizza Slice & Drink included

music, fun and games!

Register Below!

Kids' Nite Out at The After School Zone Academy provides a safe, supervised and structured environment for kids ages 3 - 12 to have fun, make friends, be active, win prizes, and give parents a night out in return!

We have a wide variety of activities for kids to choose from, with most taking place in the Gym Zone. In the Gym Zone we run games and contests like, dodgeball, basketball, tug of war, relay races, limbo, karaoke, dance contest, and more! We only play age-appropriate, edited, pre-approved music.


​We also have a Movie Zone for kids to enjoy at the end of the night to chill out, watch a movie and enjoy some popcorn!

Register Below!



Concession Items for Sale All Nite!


The After School Zone Academy is closed to the public during events other than after school care.

Parents: You must complete a registration form for children attending. To save time you may fill out a registration form online or you can complete a form in person at TASZA. Drop off parent or adult is responsible until child is signed into program. Designated parent or adult must escort each kid out.

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